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by xxSuccubus » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:13 am

Hey there! I am currently at a 6G and have been a 6G since October 8th 2017. I did try to size up to a 4G November 11th 2017, but had to downsize back to a 6G due to my ears not being ready. I am still trying to learn when my ears are fully healed because they never hurt for me. Anyway. Today; December 9th 2017 I noticed my plug from my right ear wasnt in. I'm not sure how long it was out for but ot wasnt for more than a day. I used my taper to put my plug back in, and it was a little tight. My question is.. Will I have to wait even longer now for 4G? I know patience is key with stretching, which I am okay with. But I certainly dont want to start all over progress wise.. Any help would ne appreciated!
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