After about half inch, JUST CUT THEM!!!

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by bloodhungry7 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:28 am

Hello people! Just providing some insight to anybody willing to listen. Im 35yo, and started guageing my ears when I was about 13, first ear piercing at like 10. Anyways, on to plugs, in my opinion as you see. I started before tapers were really available for a kid so I just used anything worthy. I remember I very first started with a toothpick and just rammed it through, then onto I believe it was a golf tee or some shit, anyways after years and years of the bullshit nonstop owe and infections and just blahh, I never stopped by the way always kept going, anyways after like half inch and into my 20s.. AHH thank you booze even though you bleed like a stuck pig after, just get them cut with scalpals, its so much easier.
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