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by Zdubz03 » Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:36 am

Ok so , I recently got my 1/2 inch plugs in , I have been at 7/16 for over a year . About 14 months . I always wait at least a year to stretch . Anyway , I got my 1/2 inch plugs . I put them in , and got some stinging in both ears . Ok wasn’t too bad , over the next 2 days the pain got a little bit worse . Especially in my left ear , not enough for me to cry or scream or anything too crazy , but enough for me to decide I should probably take them out . So I did , the right ear was a bit red and tender , seemed to be ok . The left ear had some blood not a lot , but some , I’ve never experienced anywhere near this kind of pain , and certainly no blood when I stretched , I am currently letting my ears rest , should I leave any jewelry completely out ? Or should I put my 7/16 plugs back in ? I’ve got some Crustys going on , I don’t know if I should let them just rest with nothing in or leave some kind of jewelry in . Also how long should I wait before an attempt at another stretch , I don’t want scar tissue or cat butt ears , I’m very patient and want my ears taken care of properly . Thanks for any advice in advance .
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