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while companies Take advantage of slot machine learning to run your business more efficiently. The reality is that it takes a lot of energy to build, test, and run models in production. is an early-stage full-stack MLOps solution. It is creating a more environmentally friendly approach.

Today, the company announced a zero-emissions AI cloud solution in partnership with its Finnish cloud infrastructure partner North.The company says atNorth operates an ISO 27001 certified Tier 3 data center running the Nvidia A100-powered DGX and HGX systems.

The data center has 80MW of generating capacity, all powered by geothermal and hydropower. Moreover Due to its location near the Arctic As a result, cooling is fundamentally free, making an energy-efficient solution for customers to build machine learning models using their solution.

The company's co-founder Max Prasolov said they found that after researching the problem, Computers and telecommunications use about 9% of the total global energy consumption. That's the number that research suggests will double over the next decade.

They believe that machine learning modeling will be a growing part. And they decided to partner with atNorth to reduce their own carbon footprint.
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