Second piercing with stretched ears?

Girls with stretched ears..

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by clawdeeuh » Fri Jan 04, 2019 4:51 pm

I have 0g stretched ears in both ears. I was thinking about getting a second ear lobe piercing behind each, as it would be if they were 20g. Does anyone have this? I'm curious to know what it would look like. I also am wondering about the logistics of it. If I were to ever stretch up how would that work? Or if I let my ears shrink how would that affect the new piercings? I'm not too worried about stretching up or shrinking for a while, but future jobs could require I let them shrink, etc. This is all things I could ask the piercer, and I will, but it's about two weeks away before I go, and this is all a part of the research process for me. Thanks.
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