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by KurruTheRaccoon » Fri Oct 23, 2020 2:42 am

so, im still kind of new to this im only just going up to a 6 i think.
its the second 2g jump and i knew it would be a bit rough
and the fact that my right ear is way less cooperative than my left i knew it would be the problem child.
so as i started to use my tapers last night it of course was giving me some trouble, i didnt force it through i just went really slowly and took my time using a lot of coconut oil and eventually it went through just fine with a minor pinch.

the issue is that all of the stuff i have read said that tapers should NOT be left in, so normally i wear them for a few hours to let my ears adjust and then i swap in my plugs with relative ease, however these plugs were giving me some issues, they are surgical steel and normally as im pulling the taper from the hole i slide the plug in behind it. this time however the metal was pinching inside of the hole some as the end of the taper met the end of the plug on that right ear and it was quite frustrating, so i opted to leave the taper in my ear over night and i would put in the plug in the morning, it was an easy night i slept on my left side and awoke with no issues until i removed the taper, i noticed after trying to put the plug through again and getting that same pinch as the metals collided that it had started to bleed lightly.

at this point there's no real pain or anything but if i remove the taper there is still blood, i do not see any tears on the outside of the hole on either side but it still has me a tad worried since im so new to this.
should i size back down? can i just keep the taper in for now and let it heal?
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