Anyone know where I can get these?

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by akPhilly » Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:25 pm

I saw this girl today wearing a set of super cute plugs, & I didn't think to bother asking her because I knew I'd seen them on Body Art Forms. So when I got home & took a look on that site, I found the plugs, but they only go up to 12mm :( . I need them in 5/8". And this girl appeared to be close in size if not the same size as me-I know different sizes can appear larger or smaller depending on the size of the person's ears, but she was definitely larger than 12mm, for sure. Has anyone seen them anywhere besides Body Art Forms & in larger sizes? Because they're really super cute-I'd seen them on the site plenty of times & didn't think anything of it, but sometimes you have to see something in person to really see how it looks, & I'd really love to have them. Thanks in advance!

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