Did I already have a mini blowout ALREADY?

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by Set.Roulette » Sun Apr 19, 2020 5:03 am

So I just started stretching my ears maybe months ago? I have been at an 8G for probably 6 months at least until recently. I started around July of 2019, and I zoomed through 14g-8G in a few months with no problem.

When I tried to go to 6G it was impossible even after waiting like 2 months, so I forgot about it until just a few days ago.

I decided to try after a shower, used Holey Butter, and got the 6g tapers in pretty easily, there was a little resistance and a little soreness, but the pain went away after maybe 30-min to an hour max. There was no blood at the time, and everything was cool.

My lobes have been a little sore only if I touch them, and I noticed some light colored crusties, so I decided to take the plugs out, wash them, and clean my piercing site with some soap and water. I noticed blood on the tissue, and when I put my plugs back in I had to clean more blood from behind my ears with a couple of Qtips

I didn’t notice any blood when I actually did the stretch tho?? I'm using surgical steal, and ive never had any reactions to the metal or rubber backings, so did I freaking blow out my ears already??? Or is this okay?
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